Marketing Spa

Review Your Strategy, Refresh Your Marketing and Energise Your Business

Executives and business owners of companies of all sizes need to take time out once in a while, to make sure the business is on track and to ensure that their existing strategy and marketing is performing well enough to meet the sales and business goals. But, sometimes it's difficult to see the wood from the trees and you need impartial expertise to improve results.

That's when a Marketing Spa from can help: our Marketing Spa gives you the time and focus required to review your current marketing strategy and plans, with the help of our experts - professionals who have deep experience and a track record in making businesses successful.

If you would like us to contact you to set a date or discuss how a Spa can help your business, then please leave your email address.

It's genuinely some 'me time' for the business - uninterrupted, targeted and dedicated to your goals. You'll gain clarity about your customers and we help you develop an ACTIONABLE marketing plan to grow your business. Choose a half-day or full-day workshop working with our team of experts.

Every session provides practical advice to help the business improve the way it finds new customers, builds relationships with existing clients and retains customers.
A Marketing Spa takes for the form of a structured workshop with plenty of interactive discussion.


Customers find a Marketing Spa valuable

"Extremely useful, talking through the programme with Gideon sparked ideas in our own minds and Gideon suggested a long list of ideas which are actionable and I believe will have a high impact on the marketing of our programme. It made me think a lot more strategically."
Kate P., West of England Academic Health Science Network, Swindon

Our experienced marketing experts help you to...

  • Review performance of your current marketing
  • Re-examine strategies and goals
  • Challenge the status quo and be a devil's advocate
  • Think from a customer's perspective
  • Identify gaps in tactics that need to be filled
  • Put KPI's and analytics in place to assist data driven decision making (to avoid an opinion based decisions)
  • Develop your roadmap for an actionable plan which moves the business forward and meets your goals.

Whether you are planning for the year, reviewing your progress or consolidating business efforts, take time out and pamper your business with a Marketing SPA!

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