Customer lifecycle

"Customer Lifecycle is the term used to describe the programmatic journey a customer travels from prospect to customer to advocate. It has seven distinct steps; attraction, acquisition, conversion, on-boarding, engagement, retention and advocacy"

With a clear customer lifecycle strategy in place you will nurture your customers through a lifecycle campaign of engagement with your business; drawing them through the sales funnel, getting conversions - aka SALES - and maintaining a commercial relationship, so you can maximise the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Use our expertise to help you evaluate all your touch points throughout the lifecycle and the actions they generate. You will be in a better position to optimise the customer journey and ultimately, design a significantly better customer experience which is rewarding for both sides.

According to a Walker study, by 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator

All of this work takes more than one pair of hands but fear not, we can help if you plug-in our expertise