Customer engagement

"Engagement is a flow of interactions between a brand or vendor and its customer base through the communications channels a customer prefers"

Customers expect a great experience from any business they choose to buy from. You know that as a customer yourself. They are not interested in whether you have a company birthday or published your millionth tweet, but they are interested in how you can help them solve their problems or have an innovation which enables them to achieve their goals. They invest more trust if they feel you know them well, and care.

How can you get to know them better unless you interact with them? Engage with them using interesting content, social media, surveys, events, live webinars; you'll learn more about them so you develop a more personalised approach. Can you address the questions - Who, What, Why, When and How - for each and every customer? And if you could then how would it impact your bottom line?

"Deliver on a promise you have happy customers. Fall short and you have unhappy customers. Exceed your promise and you have delighted customers. It's that simple." Cloud Cherry