Channel marketing

Channel marketing is a two sided coin. Heads - you have to provide accurate product information and marketing materials to channel partners (resellers and distribution partners) to give them the best chance to do their job and sell your products. Tails - making sure you are easy to do business with.

There are five steps we can easily identify (REERR) and we can help at every step.

Recruitment - Who are the channel partners you need as a vendor and what do they look like? This is where they will first encounter your partner programme so it's key to make sure it meets their needs and expectations.

Enablement- Once found, how will you bring them on-board and make it easy for them to resell your products or services? What tools or collaterals can you offer them?

Engagement - Active partners and resellers are the life-blood of a healthy eco-system but like any relationship they need to be nurtured and the communication should always be a two-way dialogue.

Reward - Successful partners should be rewarded for the business they have brought you and although partner programmes provide financial incentives it's important to recognise the contribution of people in the reseller organisation. They need to feel good about the vendor. Margin certainly helps, but knowing who rewards effort can count for more.

Retention- It's a dog eat dog world and you can be pretty sure a competitor will be working hard to convince your partners they have a better product and healthier programme. It's vital not to neglect your reseller relationships and retain your channels to market.

The-Marketing-Department experts can help you develop your channel marketing program and the sales enablement tools which apply to each step in the REERR model.