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Business Insights

NEW Competitive and Market Intelligence Services

How do you compare with the competition?

  • Do your products or services stack up?
  • Are they growing faster than you?
  • Are your marketing and sales efforts aligned to your specific advantages?

You've probably asked and answered these questions - but the chances are that this was a one-off exercise and some time ago. And although it gave you a good view at that point in time, your competitors have since changed and adapted - as has the market, and customers could well be looking for something different too. So how do you keep on top of the shifts that matter?

The Marketing Department now offers tailored competitive and market intelligence services to give you insights that offer clarity, value and direction.

Competitive Benchmark

Gain a 360° view of your competition and how they compare to you. We can identify what your comparative strengths are, where are your competitors' weaknesses, and how you can take advantage of both of these. Looking at the five key areas that drives competitive difference: the market, the team, the product, marketing, and sales, across each of your major competitors.

Management decisions and actions - Strategic Plan input

Whether it's identifying where your future growth can come from; Or a deep dive on your customers; Or help with identifying channels and partners. We can boost your strategic decision-making processes, and help mitigate the risks associated with going after something new.

Tailored Insight360 report

We can work with you to update a 360° view of your competitors - market drivers, key employees, growth (or otherwise) and how they're doing it. This competitive benchmark will shine a light on what you're doing well and give you insights that will help

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Descriptions of key players

Descriptions of key players
Using a similar set of tools to those we use for competitive benchmarks, we can provide analysis and insight into other key players in your industry; these could be competitors, customers, suppliers, regulators, or partners.

Early Warnings

Perhaps your competitors made a bold move, and you only found out about their moves once they'd started getting successful traction in the market. With our early-warnings service, keeping abreast of these changes in the market landscape, and even ahead of them, is another way we can help.

Want to talk it over?

In a complex marketplace, you may not know which is the best place to start, but we are here to help you figure that out.

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