It seems the amazing weather during the summer awakened more than the flora and fauna! Businesses were waking up too. Waking up to the fact that their marketing is a living entity which needs attention, watering, feeding and pruning otherwise their brand dies. What are you doing to nurture the marketing in your business?

When was the last time you put yourself in the place of your customer? In fact, have you ever tested the experience your customer goes through to do business with you? The Customer Lifecycle is the journey we all go on as consumers' from being a prospect to becoming a customer, a loyal customer buying regularly to an 'advocate' or referrer of a business or brand we love. When you understand YOUR customer lifecycle you can calculate the Lifetime Value (LTV) of every customer - it's a powerful tool.

Interested in a FREE audit of your customer lifecycle? Give Gideon a call 07708 902155.

12 Point Checklist for Exhibition Season

Investing in a stand at a business event or exhibition is a considerable decision - these events are not cheap. They can work really well provided you are prepared and ready to squeeze every ounce of value.

Here's our easy 12-point checklist to help make trade events and business exhibitions work!

1. Plan and design your stand space for maximum engagement with visitors
2. Decide how you will demonstrate your product or service
3. Do you need new business cards for staff on the stand? Will they wear a name badge?
4. How do you intend to capture leads and encourage visitors to 'give up' their contact details?
5. Have you got enough brochures/marketing collateral, or do you need something new specifically for the event?
6. Do you have a social media strategy to promote your attendance?
7. Has your marketing team got some creative ideas for social media exposure on the day?
8. Will you be sending personal invites to prospects, customers, partners for planned face-to-face meetings at the event?
9. How organised is your logistics schedule - double check 'get in' time, set up time, parking permits


10. Do you need giveaways or promotional items? It's worth considering different types of merchandise for different stages of the lifecycle. E.g. pens for passers-by, something more valuable for genuine prospects
11. If the event runs several days, have you organised a daily staff briefing or handover to share feedback
12. After the event, what is your follow-up strategy to ensure you maximise every lead opportunity and keep prospects warm?


Video - The Silver Bullet of Marketing

Every piece of research we see confirms that video content - in one shape or form - is an essential part of your business and marketing toolkit. We bet you've heard the same - right?

There's are good reasons it works - humans are programmed to look at movement as part of their survival instinct and we're also blessed with eyes that absorb and process visual information much faster than the written word.

Add audio to the mix and you have a all the right senses paying attention and drinking in information. Of course it's important to tell the story you have in an interesting way which stimulates an action following the video.

Did you know that:

  • Video sells - 73% of us are more likely to buy a product with a video
  • Video promotes - People share video on social media 12 times more than text
  • Video trains - 75% of staff prefer video to reading training materials
  • We remember 83% more from video than from written word

Often the problem is knowing where to start. Explainer videos are a great way to introduce compelling content if you're not ready to get in front of the camera yourself.

Explainer videos are designed to explain something to an audience piece by piece so they can understand exactly what you are offering - it tells your story in a memorable and interesting way.

We can develop an Explainer Video about your company, product or service from £600 delivered within a working week. This is significantly cheaper than many companies as we have the experience to produce quality videos quickly - but the price won't always be this low so call us soon!

First we talk to understand what you want it to achieve and say then we produce the design. Once you are happy with it, then it's ready to be uploaded to Youtube, Vimeo or Website. The video is also supplied so you can include it in presentations or demonstrations.

Explainer Videos from £600 -Unheard of!!

Explainer Videos

NEW Competitive and Market Intelligence Services for established businesses

How do you compare with the competition?
• Do your products or services stack up?
• Are they growing faster than you?
• Are your marketing and sales efforts aligned to your specific benefits?

You've probably asked and answered these questions - but the chances are that this was a one-off exercise and some time ago. And although it gave you a good view at that point in time, your competitors have since changed and adapted - as has the market, and customers could well be looking for something different too.


So how do you keep on top of the shifts that matter? The Marketing Department now offers tailored competitive and market intelligence services to give you insights that offer clarity, value and direction. (alternative: that are sharp, practical and significant)

We can work with you to update a 360° view of your competitors - market drivers, key employees, growth (or otherwise) and how they're doing it. This competitive benchmark will shine a light on what you're doing well and give you insights that will help you to steal a march on the competition.Or if you have a particular concern - a specific competitor doing better than expected, a disrupting start-up, or a new entrant with muscle and money perhaps from an adjacent market - we can help you with the intelligence you need to stay ahead.

Perhaps your competitive concern caught you a bit unawares, and you only found out about their moves once they'd started getting successful traction in the market. Or perhaps your customers have started looking elsewhere for a different type of solution than you offer, or maybe just not interested in renewing. With our early-warnings service, keeping abreast of these changes in the market landscape, and even ahead of them, is another way we can help.

Our competitive and market intelligence services are tailored to your needs. If you'd be interested in free tailored Insight360 analysis head over to our website now - click here, and request a Trial 360 Degree Insight on one of your competitors!


Treat your business to a Marketing Spa

Refresh your marketing and energise your business

2019 Planning is upon us and our new marketing spa will give you the time and focus required to review your current marketing strategy and plans with the help of our experts. It's genuinely some 'me time' for the business - uninterrupted, targeted and dedicated to your goals.

You'll gain clarity about your customers and we help you develop an ACTIONABLE marketing plan to grow your business.

Choose a half-day or full-day workshop working with our team. Every session provides practical advice to help the business improve the way it finds new customers, builds relationships with existing clients and retains customers.

No pussy-footing around - here's the introductory deal if you book a Marketing Spa:

  • Half Day Marketing Spa £300 + VAT
  • or Full Day Marketing Spa £500 + VAT