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GDPR is coming in May 2018 - What does it mean for your company and marketing?

GDPR is coming in May 2018 - What does it mean for your company and marketing?

Data protection legislation has been changing and the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) laws will come into force next March - just a year away! You may know this already, but it seems from conversations we are having that many companies are not aware of GDPR, or do not understand it.

The new Data Protection Regulations will affect how your business does business - especially in relation to the management, administration and protection of data in the future. This is critical - all business I can think of handle some form of customer data - even BIG DATA.

It's certainly an area we all need to pay attention to if we haven't started already and there's no shortage of help out on the web. My first point of call was the DMA and this particular article. Another informative article from the information commissioner's Office here, talks about consent.

So where do you turn to make sure your data and systems are protected? Will the IT department be enough? Your IT supplier? Surely it will need deeper expertise to make sure your systems are airtight and data is secured? Well, as it happens, we found a company with exactly that level of expertise; Sevin have all the expertise necessary to test our systems, check data is protected and ensure we are ship-shape. It's definitely worth a conversation with them to see if they can test your business' systems and make sure you feel 100% confident.

And why would I bother when I have experts and IT people to help me? - you ask. Well one of the wake-up calls in GDPR is the consideration of a custodial sentence for company directors who don't ensure the security and protection of their systems and data is 'Match Fit'.

Dramatic impact on your bottom line?
Article 83 of the GDPR outlines that in the most extreme cases of breaches of the regulation, organisations can be fined €20m or up to 4 percent of the total worldwide annual turnover of the preceding financial year, whichever is higher.

Yes - that's received the attention of many people! At this point, if you aren't aware of #GDPR and all it entails, I'll guess you'll head off to Google, otherwise I reckon it's somewhere near the top of your to-do list.....

Gideon Luke