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How Often Should I Post On Social Media?

How Often Should I Post On Social Media?

If we had £1 for every time we are asked by businesses how often they should post on social media, we'd be wealthy. If we knew the full answer we'd be relaxing by a beach house in the Caribbean. Of course, we have a good idea of what works but, despite numerous and regular studies, there is no consensus of opinion. Expert views vary immensely.

Suffice to say every sector is different, every platform is different. Each business has different goals. If you're embarking on your own social media journey here are some simple tips:

1. Check out your competition- are they getting it right?
2. Find influencers in your industry and watch and follow them for valuable insights.
3. Experiment and see what works for your business; you will start to see trends in engagement peaks when you get it right and drop off when you get it wrong.

As important as frequency is understanding about your audience and ensuring that the content you post is relevant, that you have a content strategy and you are posting consistently. Get to know and ride the hashtag trends in your sector (Tweets with hashtags get 200% more engagement). Check out the DowSocial image - we think they have it about right (if perhaps a bit low on LinkedIn).

How Often Should I Post On Social Media? There is no absolute answer. And just when you think you have nailed it "Each social media platform is different and the best practice guidelines are continuously being updated as platforms tinker with their set ups and algorithms" (DowSocial), as we see with increasing frequency on Facebook for example.

For an industry wide opinion check out the disparity among these studies and reports which try to answer the question......

  • Research and tips compiled by Buffer
  • How often to post on social media by Constant Contact
  • Research and experience of optimum level of posting on social media from DowSocial
  • Industry benchmarks from HubSpot
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  • Researched posting frequencies from Mari Smith