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Best Time, Place and Platform For Content By Business Sector

Best Time, Place and Platform For Content By Business Sector

Competition for audience is intense. There are more than 2 million blogs published across the globe everyday. Who wouldn't love to know what types of content perform best, when most sharing peaks and on which platforms?

There's lot of research around the topic, one of the most recent and revealing by ClearVoice Data goes some way to helping busy marketers create an effective content strategy across social platforms (Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn). The goal is to get more followers, more engagement and more traffic.

Our last blog listed content types that are in the toolkit of most marketing professionals, but what will work for your business?

Key Content Types

  • "How To" articles
  • Listicle - article in the form of a list that starts with a number e.g 10 Ways To....
  • Long form article -more than 1,000 words
  • Video - embedded video from YouTube, Vimeo etc
  • Infographic - graphical, visual representation of data, knowledge, information

How to optimise for your industry or market sector.
Some basic principles apply (although there are always exceptions), if you are in the Business-to-Business (B2B) space then weekdays work best, as weekends work better for Business-to-Consumer brands (B2C)

Finance - Articles with an Infographic and How-to Listicle articles perform best. The top platform is Facebook, followed by LinkedIn. There is a slight peak on Sunday, but most days show equal engagement

Travel - Across all platforms, Facebook is clearly the leader in this sector, with long-form articles and listicles performing best. Social engagement is pretty equal regardless of the day of the week.

Food Drink & Hospitality - The clear winner is this sector is Pinterest and Sunday is the top day for engagement. The two top performing content types are How-To articles and Listicles.

Arts & Entertainment - Facebook leads, with Pinterest second. Weekends lead for engagement and How-To-Listicles and Listicles are the favoured content types.

Business - LinkedIn is the clear leader for platform, and Fridays has the most shares. Infographic-list articles and long-form articles are the content winners here.

Worth Remembering...(thanks HubSpot)
People use Facebook at home, work on mobile and desktop. Twitter is used at home and at work, often during downtime likes breaks, lunch or commuting. LinkedIn attracts professional users typically during working hours. Pinterest users are more likely to be females using this platform during the evening. Instagram is the mobile app, so users are on the network all the time, any time.

Posting your blog at optimum times could have a downside; of course you will get more visitors, comments and engagement but you may also have a higher bounce rate and get buried in the feeds with other's taking advantage of the popular posting times.

Social timing is not (quite) a science, but research helps to create an informed content strategy. Used in combination with Google Analytics and other tracking tools, you can build your own picture of engagement for your business.