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Content Marketing - Is The Infographic Really Dead?

Content Marketing - Is The Infographic Really Dead?

We rate Moz and Rand Fishkin for their insightful views on SEO and content marketing. When they were cited in a recent report about content marketing we had to have a closer look.

The headline that grabbed our attention was 'The Age of Infographics Is Dying' - a jaw dropping claim for hardened content marketers like us!. It's hard to turn your head without seeing Infographics everywhere online; they are a go-to staple for content marketing.

Looking in more detail at the Clutch Report and Moz comments, it became clear that what both were saying was more about the quality of the content as a powerful SEO tool. The two cannot be seen as separate 'They are two-sides of the same coin" to quote Rand Fishkin.

The ultimate goal of the content any business produces is to build brand awareness, raise visibility, improve SEO and create a relationship with customers and generate leads. That's why the quality of the content is important; producing too much of the same (type) of content will not achieve your goals. In the Clutch Report 19% of respondents favour infographics for brand awareness.
Think beyond the infographic. We know video is leading the race for brand awareness and social sharing in 2017, but consider other engaging types of content:

  • List posts
  • Case studies
  • Product reviews
  • Research/original data
  • Podcasts
  • Blogs
  • Quizzes and questions

Simply throwing out content will not work either. You need a content strategy that considers your audience and the usability of the content.

So, we don't think the infographic is dead. But we do know there's more to content marketing than simply churning out content for the sake. If you need help with your content strategy give us a call 0117 901 2345 or email us