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7 Deadly Sins - Offend The Customer

7 Deadly Sins - Offend The Customer

Tell the customer they are wrong! Oh dear....not the crowd pleaser you thought it would be?

In the last blog we discussed how sales people can condemn products and cited a shocking example of one particular retailer. Out of curiosity, a strange sense of humour and disbelief I went back to the same shop the next morning to see if another sales assistant had equally dazzling skills and free range to condemn products or commit any other sin.

I asked a different sales person about the same white goods appliances and why they were slightly different shades of white - the response "They all go yellowish pretty quickly so it doesn't matter anyway." Well that hasn't been my experience I responded, the appliances we bought a few years ago certainly haven't yellowed - which is true (although I accept UV light can affect certain plastics).

"They will, they always do" he confirmed. Now we're on new ground. We've moved from condemning products with a sweeping generalisation, into offending the customer through contradiction. Rather than progressing a possible sale, dis-interest set in and the sales assistant showed he had better things to do.

So, the moral of this short story is two-fold:
1. The customer is always right (even when they aren't)
2. The assistant should have been listening for buying signals and had the sense to offer an explanation and explore the sales opportunity more.

Yet another example from this local organisation, who need to review their sales training and sales management.

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The customer will have "an" experience when they do business with you, so why not design and implement a good experience that retains customers? It's still tough times out there and it's a buyer's market