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7 Deadly Sins – Condemn Your Products and Your Staff

7 Deadly Sins - Condemn Your Products and Your Staff

Condemn the product the customer wants to buy and burn a perfectly good sale. Or condemn your sales staff to zero commission by not training them properly in the first place.

Still with my aging relative we went in search of white goods for the kitchen in the new house; heading for a well-known high street vendor in the UK in this case

The shopping list was straightforward; a fridge freezer, a washing machine and a dishwasher. My relative browsed a while and found the items of interest at the right price point. A couple were under the brand name of "Logik" and one under Curry's own brand "Essentials", and although the units were not consistently 'white' they were fine considering the price point.

Locating a salesperson was another challenge. Non drifted by so we went and found one, disturbed him from his Facebook session - which was clearly not appreciated....And here's a verbatim account of the ensuing conversation

Us: "Hi, we're interested in a few appliances, in particular a fridge/freezer, washing machine and dishwasher and have a couple of questions - can you help please?"
Sales assistant: "Uh OK" (Facebook and phone reluctantly put down on desk)
Us: "We're interested in a couple of these items (I point to a couple of appliances nearby) Can you tell us who actually makes the Logik or Essentials brands please?"
Sales assistant: "Ha! (broad grin), it's one of the brands Curry's makes, out of spare parts lying around their factory"
Us: "Seriously?!"
Sales assistant: "Yeah - you'd be better off with a Beko brand"
Us: "Why?"
Sales assistant: "They are better and not made out of spare parts"
Us: "Can you do some sort of deal if we buy everything from here?"
Sales assistant: "No. We don't discount and everything is in the sale"
Us: "You're not interested in selling anything then??"

Sales assistant shrugs and returns to sitting position and Facebook

Dazzled by this revelation and the sales technique (if we can call it that!), we left without purchasing. An hour later we bought everything online; another brand from a different supplier.

Now, in an age where a significant volume of sales for retail are lost to online channels, what sales manager in their right mind would let a sales guy like that loose on a sales floor to condemn every customer and sale to a 'No Sale'? This is a definite failure on the part of the sales manager who clearly did not equip a member of his team to "sell" and/or cross sell. Since when has it been a sales technique to condemn the product lines stocked?

So, the moral of this story- enable your sales staff to sell properly so they don't insult the customer's intelligence and lose sales. Check what's actually happening on the sales floor regularly - mystery shop your own store and find out what you can do to improve the customer experience!

If you would like us to audit your customer experience from the customers point of view and discuss the findings in complete confidence in order to design a better experience, just email me. The first consultation is free.

The customer will have "an" experience when they do business with you, so why not design and implement a good one that retains customers? Take pride and don't condemn the product or service you sell.

(By the way the products in question are made by a known mass manufacturer in Turkey, producing goods at two price points).