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Power of Social Media in The Search for a #CupForBen

Power of Social Media in The Search for a #CupForBen

The power of social media can be used to harness the energy and support for many different causes. In recent months the debate over Brexit and Election2016 in USA have dominated the social media airwaves.

This week we have been following the story of a dad in our corner of the UK, the South West, as he took to social media to get help for his young severely autistic son, Ben, who will only use a particular type of cup for drinking.

Dad Marc Carter, aka @GrumpyCarer on Twitter, turned to social media (Twitter and Facebook) to help him find a cup made by the manufacturer Tommee Tippee UK. The story has gone viral and captured the imagination of many in Twittersphere - his recent post has been retweeted and liked by hundreds of people; including @Tommee Tippee themselves.

We must give credit to the manufacturer who has wholeheartedly embraced Grumpy Carer's quest to find as many of these cups as possible; putting a dedicated team of people on the case and sharing helpful visual aids on social media for anybody who wants to try and help this young man. A sterling display of customer service going beyond the call of duty.

Bens' dad doesn't mind if the cups are old, used or sitting in the back of a cupboard, in fact, he'd be happy to stockpile the cups so they have a supply for Ben well into the future. He's not asking for charity, being clear he is happy to pay for the cups and postage.

Can you help find a #CupForBen? Join the quest on Twitter, Facebook and find the story online if you want to know more online

Good luck Marc!