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Liar Liar Your Facebook Reputation Is On Fire!

Liar Liar Your Facebook Reputation Is On Fire!

Facebook has announced the global rollout of a new tool designed to let people review businesses they have purchased from. Research among users who had purchased from Facebook advertisers revealed that the biggest gripes are:

  • Businesses who mis-represent products
  • Businesses who quote inaccurate shipping times

This is all in the spirit of Facebook's commitment to give users the best user experience by stripping out the frustrating and misleading adverts. Giving businesses a customer service rating allows you to choose advertisers who are selling great products, being accurate in their adverts and giving the best customer service.

Facebook will feedback and give guidance to the businesses who receive high volumes of negative feedback, to give them the chance to improve and change their advertising practice. "We believe this tool will give people more confidence in the businesses they interact with and help hold businesses more accountable for customer experiences they provide."
As more and more businesses exploit the popularity of Facebook advertising this 'rating' tool will benefit e-commerce and bricks and mortar businesses who truly value the customer experience.

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