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Humanising Websites and Engaging Visitors

Humanising Websites and Engaging Visitors

With opinion from Jiaqi Pan @

At The-Marketing-Department we always looking at new ways that bring value to the engagement customers have with vendors and their websites. An idea we consider to be a tremendous development in online interaction is

Landbot brings a fresh and interesting way to funnel customers through a website and personalise their online experience - Landbot enables you to create a conversational interface to your website - a significant opportunity for marketing and online sales.

We asked Jiaqi Pan, CEO of Landbot to tell us more about his thoughts on Humanising websites at a time when grabbing the attention of visitors is becoming increasingly difficult. Thanks to Jiaqi for sharing his time and his thoughts below.

Humanising the Website in the Attention Economy

Jiaqi Pan, CEO

The Internet has changed our lives completely. It has put a massive amount of information accessible at our fingertips. However, Herber Simon once said:

"A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention, and need to allocate that attention efficiently among the overabundance of information sources that might consume it."
We are living in the era of Attention Economy. Social media, Netflix Youtube, emails are generating constant distractions to us.

The overabundance of information is shrinking our attention spans. According to a research of Statistic Brain, the average attention spans of a person have fallen from 15s to 8s.
This scarcity of attention is becoming a new challenge for today's businesses because they are no longer competing only with their peers but fighting with everyone else for getting user attention.

For companies to survive in this new age, they can no longer rely on using generic communication to get customer attention. They have to go an extra mile and offer Frictionless Customer Experience.

Frictionless Customer Experience: The New Business Competitive Advantage

Take for example in email marketing: marketers are sending millions of emails per day, but they only see 1,5% of click-through rate. To solve this problem, the email industry came up with hyper-personalization. Today it's almost impossible to send email campaigns without segmentation and using dynamic fields like the username. Research shows that emails with personalization can get up to 15% increase in conversion rate.

The problem of Website in the attention economy

Now let's take a look at Website, one of the most used and the very first interaction point for businesses to communicate with users on the Internet. According to Internet Live Stats, there is a total of 1,24 billion websites in the world, and we are publishing 140.000 new sites every day. But if we look at the average conversion rate of websites is only around 2,35%.

It seems that Websites are suffering the same fate as emails did: same experience and information to all visitors. Just like a salesman always offering the same shoe size to his customers.

In the Attention Economy, users have more choices than ever so they will have higher expectation. However, Website development is stagnant in the past. That´s why our mission at is to:

"Humanise the Website so businesses could offer a frictionless experience to their customers with Conversational Interface as the solution."

We believe the ideal solution is turning the Website into a conversation with the users. Literally!

Why? Because conversation is the most natural way of human communication and has its unique advantages:

  • Two-way communication: the information flow is two-sided where users and business can get and give information at the same time. With conversation, both parties could do real-time qualification to see their potential fit with each other and avoid wasting time in the future.
  • Better personalisation: unlike a typical Graphical Interface, a conversation can ensure a better level of personalisation. Welcoming users by their name and offering unique experiences for each user could help business increase significantly the user engagement.
  • One action at a time: in a conversation, the interactions are straightforward where the user has one clear call to action each time. This will help to increase the user focus and avoid losing their attention.

You might be skeptical right now, because how on earth can we turn a website into a conversation. AI with Natural Language Processing? No, it will make the website experience even worse! Indeed as the state of art of artificial intelligence is still incipient, we need to take another approach.