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Get Facebook Working For Your Business

Get Facebook Working For Your Business

Paula Luke

Now the dust has settled around the Facebook changes announced in mid-January it's a great time to look at how you can take advantage of the great opportunities Facebook offers for small businesses.

The changes are good news if you are prepared to use Facebook in a way that meets their goal, which has always been to "Help people stay connected. Bring people together and build relationships."

Don't lose sight of the fact that people are 80% more inclined to buy if they find an authentic Facebook page associated with the business they are reviewing. And, 62% of consumers rely on Facebook for information on small businesses.

YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER IS LOGGING ON AN AVERAGE 15 TIMES PER DAY All you have to do is make sure they see your posts and engage with you. But do remember they also build their own experience. Your potential customers are in control - they can hide pages, unfollow, hide for 30 days, or (ideally) choose to see you first.

Help your potential customer make these decisions by posting content that they will enjoy reading, interacting with and ultimately look forward to! Think about the following:

Facebook News Feed Values

Facebook is uncompromising in its vision and that is what drives the algorithm changes. They are clear that people will always be shown the stories that are most relevant to them in this order...

  • Friends and family first
  • Stories that are meaningful, informative or interesting. Content that entertains - funny photos and of course Live video
  • Authentic content - not spam, nothing overly promotional or salesy or misleading

As a small business on Facebook all you have to do it make sure you create posts that fulfil these values.

Create Great Content

Before you panic about what to post, how often to post and what to say, you need to really understand your customer. Invest some time in identifying who your customers are and understand what pain/problem you are solving.

When you know your customer, its easy to get the conversation going. Facebook will 'reward' conversation (it's in line with their goal to get people connected).

  • Personalise the content - really 'speak' to your ideal customer
  • Make sure your content is authentic and timely
  • Use video - FB Live or native video (don't post something that's hosted on YouTube/other video channel)
  • Have a personality - reach out from the page to show your human side

Avoid The Following

Engagement bait - asking for votes, shares, tags or comment baiting
Outbound links - repeatedly using links which take the reader away from Facebook to your website
Posts which result in 'associated' unfollow or hide (Facebook decides the criteria for 'associated activity)
Overly promotional posts - where sole purpose is to drive offline purchase
Promotions, contests
Scheduling posts with 3rd party applications (such as Hootsuite, Buffer). If time constraints mean you have to schedule use the Facebook scheduler. Make sure you have your notifications 'on' so you are ready to interact as quickly as you can when the conversation starts!

There are more than 1 billion active users on Facebook, this includes YOUR customers. It's a great platform to use if you know your customers. It's also a fantastic source of leads for your business.

Facebook Lead Generation

Are you ready to laser focus your marketing using Facebook? It's the perfect platform for lead generation and we've created a 5-Step Strategy to help you create a powerful and consistent stream of leads for your business. Interested - CLICK HERE