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And the Email of the week goes to.....

And the Email of the week goes to.....

Varonis - Congratulations for a well-balanced customer centric Email!

No... really I love their email - it's great and shows how a company can give itself a personality through tone of voice and also humanise normally dry topics.

I came across these guys during some research on GDPR and have been reading their emails a lot but today's one really made me smile for lots of reasons. Below is a screenshot but here is the text to enjoy as well - nicely balanced and also fun....

Hope you think it's fun the right reasons too!

------------------------- Email -------------------------------
Hey Gideon,

You're seeing this email because at some point you downloaded a whitepaper, registered for a webinar, or said "hey!" at a tech conference.

We'll send you top-notch, no-strings-attached IT and InfoSec tips and resources. If you don't like what we send you, feel free to hit reply, tell us why and we'll dip the laptop that we wrote it on into a vat of molten lead (T2 style) so it can't hurt anyone ever again.

Jokes about time traveling cybernetic organisms aside, we are serious about wanting to help IT organizations of every size and shape. We write posts about how to detect and clean CryptoLocker infections. We have free trials of all our products, put on helpful webinars, and every member of our staff has a tattoo of Clippy hidden somewhere on their body.

But before you ask to see just where exactly Clippy is hiding, help us better serve you and only send you relevant stuff. Click on ONE answer to the following question that best suits you:

  • I'm an Information Security pro
  • I'm an IT manager, director, or C-level executive
  • I'm a sysadmin or IT generalist

We'll email you a few times per month about web events and other IT related stuff. If you'd rather not hear from us at all, simply click unsubscribe.


Varonis (a real person "signed" this and responded when I emailed back)