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GDPR for Marketing Professionals

GDPR for Marketing Professionals

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Recently we've found that questions about GDPR are coming from various places in our customer's organisations not just the I.T. department.

We are seeing all sorts of questions coming up regarding marketing data and what you can or cannot do with people's data, email marketing, how you get the proper consent as well as what notices you may have to put on your website about your data or privacy policies.

Information about GDPR is freely available for everyone from the likes of the Information Commissioner's Office ( however, we all need some interpretation of this lengthy and sometimes complicated legislation.

To help us address these questions, we turned to Sevin Cyber Security who are experts and worked with Sean Davin, Chief Compliance and Regulatory consultant, to produce a series of GDPR Insights written as Blog articles specifically for marketing professionals who have to consider responsibilities surrounding data handling.

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The topics covered include;
• Data responsibilities
• Requirements around Consent
• Email marketing
• Telemarketing
• Advertising
• Website considerations
• The use of Cloud based systems with customer data
• Apps
• Market Research
• Media
• Press Relations
• Broad topics and FAQ's we've already received