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Worried That GDPR Spells Armageddon for Email Marketing?

Are you already reviewing your email databases to ensure compliance with new GDPR regulations? Although the law comes into effect on 25th May 2018, the data you currently hold should already comply.

You need a record of 'unambigious consent' from each subscriber........

Far from being armageddon, GDPR is a great opportunity for any business to tidy up its databases and make sure a record of the 'unambiguous consent' is on file.

Try a re-subscribe campaign

A re-subscribe campaign is the chance to ask your subscribers if they want to stay on your mailing list. It will help you:
1. Purge inactive subscribers (which typically account for around 50% of subscribers on any database) and....
2. Record the opt-in consent required for GDPR

To avoid losing too many subscribers your re-subscribe campaign will have to work hard. Read our previous blog for FIVE QUICK TIPS to sanity check your email marketing.

The benefits of a cleansed database of contacts means your email marketing will be hitting more targeted subscribers, they are likely to be more engaged with what you send.

This should be reflected in higher open and click through rates. Share on twitter Tweet: Could #GDPR help open and CTR for email marketing

With your cleansed and 'opted-in' list of subscribers it's the perfect time to turn your attention to improving your email strategy.

A good place to start is to think about 'best practice' in the subject line. Common elements that work well include:

  • Self-interest - reader specific benefits
  • Curiosity - pique their interest
  • Urgency/scarcity
  • News
  • Story telling
  • Social proof

Our favourite tool is for great headlines (and subject lines) is HeadlineAnalyzer from Co-schedule

As always if you need help with any aspect of your email marketing please get in touch

Useful Resource

The Information Commissioners Office has prepared a 12 Step Guide to GDPR which you can download here