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Calling All Unicorns!

Calling All Unicorns!

We're always on the lookout for great examples and excellent examples of marketing to share but......
This email was just trying a bit too hard:

From: xxxxxx
Date: 3 July 2017 at 06:00:21 BST
To: "Gideon Luke"
Subject: Do you fart glitter and ride to work on a unicorn?

Yes that's right.......this was the email subject line of a recent email we received as a subscriber.
The whole email continued in a rather rambling, unconnected narrative....

I idolised my [...] colleagues in sales, thinking they were part Aslan, part trouser-press and part Waitrose card.

With random references to bodily functions......

Just like you and me, they have guts and bowels and toilet rituals.

We received this email recently, it's a genuine attempt to reach out to me as a subscriber. Their CTA was to ask us to sign up to some workshops.
Ok, so it does follow some of the key principles of best practice.

1. A subject line that makes you stop, think and open
2. Short sentences, spaced into 'Bucket Brigades" - to keep the reader reading.
3. A clear CTA at the bottom of the email (not shown)

Unfortunately it left us cold. For tips on crafting effective emails check this -
5Tips To Sanity Check Your Email Marketing