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5 Tips To Sanity Check Your Email Marketing

5 Tips To Sanity Check Your Email Marketing

Do your email open rates suck?
You may be investing a lot of time and money in your email marketing. But are you getting the ROI you deserve? Never be afraid, or too proud to go back to basics.

Here are 5 quick tips to sanity check your email marketing efforts today. They could help your email open and click-through rate (CTR)
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  • Get Creative With Subject Lines: You need to encourage your subscribers to open your email - there's no guarantee they will even though they have signed up to receive your newsletter. Think about how many emails your audience receives daily. Make your email stands out with subject line that has impact, value and is straight to the point. Don't fall into the trap of using the same subject line every time. Remember to be creative and avoid spam triggers. Just check your own inbox - which emails are you opening and why?
  • Walk the content tightrope: Ditch the self-promotion and keep subscribers happy with information they will find interesting, entertaining, too good to pass-up, even surprising. If you know and like social media the '90% Ham: 10 Spam' rule, apply this to your emails. Keep a balance of 90% educational and informative, with 10% promotional.
  • Consider A Focus: Choose just one topic to keep the reader focused and engaged with the content. Keep on one topic but include industry references and news. For example, if you're a recruitment consultant focus on training.
  • Call-To-Action: You can include multiple CTAs in your email newsletter - for example click to see this blog, forward to a friend, check out this article. But make sure you have a primary CTA that shouts 'DON'T MISS THIS'- it makes it clear to your subscriber the one thing you really want them to do. They can't miss a button like this!
  • Be Concise, Minimise Design: Make sure you don't have so much content for your subscribers to wade through; they might give up before reaching your CTA. A taste of your blog with a link to 'read more' is ideal. Leave enough white space in your email newsletter to create an uncluttered feel. This is particularly important when you add to the mix the role of the mobile; nearly 70% of emails are opened on mobile devices - you want to make sure subscribers click the right link. What will your email look like on a watch?

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