Marketing for Business Growth

The-Marketing-Department helps companies find customers, engage them and keep them - the three most important marketing needs of any organisation.

Our experts can become your virtual marketing team. Plug in the skills and experience needed for strategy, digital marketing, customer retention, content marketing, social media and business intelligence; with a team that's built around your business. We work with all sizes of company from start-up or small business through to medium size enterprises. Once we understand your goals and challenges then we form a specific team of experts to address those objectives.

We're different because we have over 100 years of collective experience and a track record in growing businesses through professional marketing. Our consultants have worked as world-class experts in many types of business environments with national, pan-European or Global remits. Everyone here knows that marketing makes a big difference to the bottom line.

If you need marketing horsepower or require specific skills for a project then we can help your company with our range of strategic and tactical services.

Customer Acquisition

One of the more difficult areas any business has to tackle is generating new customers. We review your current acquisition strategy with gap analysis. We identify your market and customer segments and analyse what drives your sales. Then we design sustainable campaigns which play to your strength and develop a multi-channel execution strategy.

Customer Engagement

Having won new customers, the next step is to keep them engaged and grow a relationship. We advise you how to build and drive a relevant conversation with your customers and prospects - using a mix of digital channels to deliver high-value content which sparks interaction and engagement to draw your customers and prospects through the sales funnel.

Customer Lifecycle

Retaining customers and growing their life -time value is critical to any business. It also costs less than acquiring them. We conduct a lifecycle and touchpoint analysis to understand the current customer journey. From the findings, we can optimise the customer experience, rebuild the lifecycle and maximise conversions at each stage; giving you a higher Customer Lifetime Value (LTV).

Social Media Strategy

Are you getting a meaningful return from your social media efforts? We task our social media experts with re-imagining a strategy for your business which drives engagement and meets your goals. From brand social identity and voice, to audience and network development, the strategy will deliver your digital assets in alignment with your customer lifecycle model.

Content Marketing

Content is still king and an important way of bringing prospects to your door. We research and identify content that will resonate with your prospects and nurture your customers. Our expert content creatives will build a library of engaging, vibrant, relevant, tailored and actionable content which is effective across all digital channels.

Business Insights

We can work with you to update a 360° view of your competitors - market drivers, key employees, growth (or otherwise) and how they're doing it. This competitive benchmark will shine a light on what you're doing well and give you insights that will help you to steal a march on the competition.

Our Clients

The following companies have all 'plugged-in' and taken advantage of our marketing expertise to fast-track their business critical functions.