About The Marketing Department

Let our marketing experts help you grow your business. Add marketing skills and expertise to help you acquire, grow and retain customers.

Use our experts to create your virtual marketing team. Plug in the skills and experience needed for strategy, digital marketing, customer retention, content marketing, social media; with a team that's built around your business.

Customer Acquisition

We review your current acquisition strategy with gap analysis. We identify your market and customer segments and analyse what drives your sales. Then we design sustainable campaigns which play to your strength and develop a multi-channel execution strategy.

Customer Engagement

We advise you how to build and drive a relevant conversation with your customers and prospects - using a mix of digital channels to deliver high-value content which sparks interaction and engagement to draw your customers and prospects through the sales funnel.

Customer Lifecycle

We conduct a lifecycle and touchpoint analysis to understand the current customer journey. From the findings, we can optimise the customer experience, rebuild the lifecycle and maximise conversions at each stage; giving you a higher Customer Lifetime Value (LTV).

Social Media Strategy

We task our social media experts with re-imagining a strategy for your business which drives engagement and meets your goals. From brand social identity and voice, to audience and network development, the strategy will deliver your digital assets in alignment with your customer lifecycle model.

Content Creation

We research and identify content that will resonate with your prospects and nurture your customers. Our expert content creatives will build a library of engaging, vibrant, relevant, tailored and actionable content which is effective across all digital channels.

Channel Marketing

We audit your channel engagement and compare you with your competition so that we can advise you on an improved channel program; showing you the process of how to take partners from recruitment, to onboarding, enablement, engagement and reward.

Our Clients

The following companies have all 'plugged-in' and taken advantage of our marketing expertise to fast-track their business critical functions.