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About The Marketing Department

We are a team of world-class marketing experts with skills and knowledge across multiple disciplines and industry sectors - ready to plug-in and start working for your business today.

We're all about the customer. We focus on your customers, the lifeblood of your business. We bring decades of real world experience from B2B, B2C, channel, agency and working in-house. That's what makes us different. Discover why clients choose us. Call 0117 901 2345 or click today to accelerate your success.

Challenge Your Critical Business Processes

Companies today need to confront the following business functions head on. The focus is on:

  • How to create a cost effective customer acquisition model
  • How to develop a finely tuned conversion funnel
  • How to prioritise customer engagement and Lifetime Value (LTV)

If any of these are holding your business back, then fast-track to success - plug-in our expertise.
The-Marketing-Department has helped companies like yours to develop a stronger acquisition strategy which engages effectively with prospects, converting leads into sales through powerful engagement and precision marketing.

In short that means identifying your market, understanding your customers' needs and their stage in the sales cycle; then reaching them with relevant content which will engage and convert your efforts into revenue.

  • Higher return on marketing investment (ROMI)
  • Greater customer lifetime value (LTV)
  • Build healthy customer base with high Net Promoter Score (NPS)

But it doesn't stop there - once they become a customer we help you keep them a customer.

What The-Marketing-Department can do for you

Our team of experts will listen, understand and assimilate your business challenges. We plug-in an experienced, hand-picked team to scope and generate a unique strategy to address your marketing pains.

Our Clients

The following companies have all 'plugged-in' and taken advantage of our marketing expertise to fast-track their business critical functions.

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